​The Global HR Briefings are a staple on the global HR networking circuit and are widely attended by CHRO's and HR Leaders from around the world. Run every six months, previous briefings have been conducted in Copenhagen, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Munich, Gothenberg, San Francisco and many other locations.

In the Quarter Three 2013 series, HR Leaders will meet at the world headquarters of Coach, Thomson Reuters, Millward Brown and Credit Suisse in New York between 19 and 20 September. In Zurich, HR Leaders will convene on 24 September at Zurich Insurance and Amcor. In London, HR Leaders will meet at the global headquarters of Bird and Bird and McGraw-Hill.

Discussions will focus on change/HR transformation in the HR delivery models being used in Asia Pacific and emerging markets.

Matthew Chapman, CEO of the The Chapman Consulting Group, will chair the U.S. and Europe sessions, and will be joined by Tim Rayner, Director of The Chapman Consulting Group, in Zurich and London.